About Us

CreatU is an innovative platform that drives the vision of global design and local manufacturing and is committed to developing a global leading ecosystem to benefit industrial designers, manufacturers, and customers and to provide one-stop solutions for furnishing personalization and customization.

As for today, there is a huge gap in the industry when it comes to custom made furniture and the inefficient way the parties are communicating results in higher costs, making the custom furniture unaffordable.

The keys to success are to offer a platform and build the perfect supply chain that will connect a rich design database to professional local furniture makers that will fulfil the orders and ship the furniture to the end-users and with the support of Artificial Intelligence, to maximize the efficiency in communication, decreasing this way the total cost and increasing the margins.

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Recent Story

CreatU has grown to be a design platform that is supporting four unique brands: 1BENMU,ROOM-3,  MUCHi Design and Moskoka. Also, we aim to establish a cloud solution from design to manufacture. Each serves a specific clientele:

— 1BENMU is a brand that focuses on natural solid wood furniture manufacture. It offers designers with raw materials and machinery for custom-to-order furniture products. Serving homeowners across North America.

— MUCHi serves residential and commercial clients who seek unparalleled whole-house customization solutions for home furniture, millwork, and commercial interior design. Serving clients primarily from Ontario, Canada.

— ROOM-3 is a sub-brand that has been incubated through CreatU. It is an e-commerce site for retail customers seeking affordable, yet top-quality wood furniture designed by independent designers with a cost-efficient industrialized production process enabled by CreatU’s platform connection and support. Serving customers across North/South America and Europe.

— Moskoka is a sub brand from 1BENMU that focuses on building collaborations with international furniture manufacturers in Asia to expedite the commercialization of independent designers’ work and speed up the workflow from design & idea to production and selling

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